Protein shakes to lose weight at home

To use protein shakes for weight loss, it is not necessary to exhaust your body with professional bodybuilding, because they are effective even with the simplest workouts. The main thing is to cook them correctly and follow the recommendations for use. In general, protein helps to expend more energy, so fat stores are burned. You can prepare protein shakes at home to lose weight from professional sports supplements or natural ingredients.

What is a protein shake for weight loss?

The base of protein shakes is dry protein, which is a powder. It is obtained from foods rich in protein. You can buy protein for weight loss at specialty stores that sell sports nutrition. Ready concentrates differ in composition and are:

  • serum;
  • egg;
  • dairy or casein;
  • complex;
  • soy.

A protein shake is a drink that is made by diluting protein with juice, milk, or water. It helps build muscle tissue, perfectly saturates the body and does not contribute to fat deposition. Such drinks are often prepared from ordinary natural products, such as milk or kefir, with the addition of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and other simple ingredients. Commercial and homemade protein drinks help you lose weight, but it is important to know the composition and instructions on how, when and how much to drink.


The specific composition of the cocktail depends on the preparation option, whether conventional products or professional sports supplements are used. The latter necessarily contain a water-soluble protein obtained from eggs, soy or whey. Specialty protein drinks also contain:

  • multivitamin complexes and mineral supplements;
  • sucrose or fructose, which increase the caloric content of the drink;
  • L-carnitine, which accelerates the consumption of fats;
  • chromium picolinate, appetite suppressant;
  • amino acids that slow down the process of protein assimilation after they enter the body;
  • fats and lactose, if the drink is made from whey and vegetable proteins, if it is made from soy.
fruit and berry smoothies for weight loss

of natural products

The composition of homemade drinks includes familiar products, most of which are used daily. The base is kefir, milk, cream, cottage cheese or yogurt. To give special taste qualities, berries or fruits are added. The composition may include other ingredients that are natural sources of protein of animal or vegetable origin. This list includes:

  • seafood;
  • green vegetables: asparagus, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach;
  • walnuts;
  • soy;
  • cereals;
  • cocoa;
  • oat or wheat grains;
  • egg white

Sport Nutrition

The main component of the drink for weight loss is protein, which is found in large quantities. It represents up to 40 grams per glass of drink. This amount is taken from the condition that so much can be absorbed by the body at one time. Carbohydrates are included only in energy drinks. In any of their forms, vitamins and minerals are found:

  • fluorine;
  • calcium;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • vitamins A, B, C, E.

What is a protein shake for?

The usual products that a person consumes on a daily basis cannot always meet the nutrient needs of the body. This is especially true for those in whose regime there are excessive loads. This is where protein drinks come to the rescue. They are specifically designed to improve the contours of the figure and build muscle mass. By eating them, you speed up your metabolism, which helps you burn fat faster. At the same time, there is no muscle wasting as they are supported by a high dose of protein.

banana smoothie for weight loss

how does it work to lose weight

The body spends a lot of time digesting protein, which takes a lot of energy. The body takes the missing amount from its own reserves, due to which active fat burning begins. The effect of protein drinks for weight loss is as follows:

  1. Hunger suppression. Due to the longer absorption of protein, only a portion of the cocktail is saturated for the next two hours. The result: you have no desire to let go to eat something sweet.
  2. Working capacity. With normal diets, fatigue can often be felt. A large portion of protein, on the contrary, energizes, improves mood and increases efficiency.
  3. Manifold. Unlike diet dishes, cocktails have a huge selection of flavors, which makes the process of losing weight much easier.
  4. Strengthening of immunity. Diet is always stressful for the body. This is especially true for the amount of essential vitamins. Protein drinks saturate the body with many useful substances, which helps to increase immunity.

Benefits for the muscles

Protein is especially beneficial for muscles. It does not allow them to break down by losing weight along with fat. As a result, only excess weight is burned, and the muscles not only remain, but also gradually increase. Due to this, the body becomes more embossed. Protein is not just the building material of cells. It also performs a transport function, transporting hemoglobin throughout the body, which provides oxygen to all organs. The result is that connective tissues recover faster after high loads in the gym. Due to this, the muscles become resistant.

Protein shake to lose weight at home

It is not necessary to purchase special professional sports supplements. Protein drinks are easy to make at home. They can be based on fermented dairy products or juice, better squeezed. In addition, they contain vitamin and digestive supplements. Don't just use sugar and other products in recipes. Otherwise, the calorie content of the finished product will increase significantly.

how many calories does it have

When losing weight in any way, it is very important to take into account the calorie content of the products and dishes that they contain. The energy value of protein shakes is low. It's about 200 kcal per serving in the form of a glass. More precisely, the caloric content is determined by the specific components of the recipe. With such a small energy value, the drinks contain a lot of nutrients. For example, a glass contains the same amount of protein and iron as a beef steak. For this reason, they help not only to lose weight, but also to improve.

protein shake for weight loss

How to cook

To make a protein drink yourself, you do not need special culinary skills. To get started, choose a recipe. There are sweet options with fruit or more substantial options with vegetables. In any case, fermented milk products are taken as the basis, most often kefir, milk or cottage cheese. It is better if they are low in fat. You can use freshly squeezed juice instead, but it's important to combine it correctly with other ingredients. Additional ingredients are not just fruits and vegetables. It can be berries or cereals. The cooking principle is simple:

  • all solid ingredients are ground with a blender;
  • then they are mixed;
  • at the last stage, they are all poured with kefir, yogurt or another product taken as a basis.


Even with the great benefits of protein drinks, it is not worth drinking them without control and in any quantity. It is better to use a special system that will take into account the recommendations for its use. Otherwise, the result of weight loss will be less than expected. The use of protein drinks can not be called a specific diet. This is just a set of rules, following which, you can quickly achieve a slim figure. As for the main diet, here it is worth adhering to the following:

  • eat 3-4 times a day;
  • reduce portions to 200-250 g;
  • drink enough liquid - up to 2-2. 5 liters;
  • prepare foods by boiling, stewing, baking, or steaming;
  • do not skip meals;
  • refuse sweets, flours, fatty, fried and salty products;
  • excludes fast food, semi-finished products.

when to drink

Protein drinks for weight loss are important to drink at a certain time. The best option is 15 minutes after training. This is the period when the body opens the anabolic window, which is characterized by more active protein absorption. It is immediately spent on muscle recovery, so there will be no fat deposits. In addition to drinking after a workout, you can have a drink:

  • in the morning instead of breakfast;
  • during the break between breakfast and lunch;
  • at night 2 hours before bedtime.
girl drinking a slimming cocktail

How to drink a protein shake

It is worth starting with 1 daily serving to check the body's reaction. Then the dose can be increased gradually, bringing it up to 2-3 times. It is necessary to drink in small sips to prolong the pleasure process and only for a good assimilation of the ingredients. It is not recommended to replace drunken full meals. For effective weight loss, the diet must be balanced in terms of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Here are some more general rules:

  • for an effective result add daily physical activity in the form of morning exercises, fitness or just running;
  • prepare a drink just before drinking in the amount needed for one dose;
  • combine it with whole-grain bread, fruits or nuts, which additionally saturate the body with carbohydrates.

daily dose of protein

It is equally important to consider the calculation of the daily dose of protein that the body can absorb. The stomach is thought to digest only 40g at a time. A high dose can overload the work of the kidneys and liver. The specific value for the day is best calculated taking into account your own weight. The minimum amount of protein is 1-1. 5 g per kilogram of body weight. Half of this amount comes from natural proteins.


You don't need protein powder to make natural protein drinks. All ingredients are regular products that naturally contain protein. Below are some of the most delicious and popular recipes. The first of them is "Assortments to lose weight". The ingredients for it will require the following:

  • fat-free cottage cheese - 200 g;
  • milk - 200 g;
  • cinnamon to taste;
  • fruits: bananas, kiwi, apples or any other to taste;
  • cinnamon - 0. 5 teaspoons;
  • oatmeal - 2 tbsp.

The cooking method is very simple:

  1. Rinse the fruit, if necessary, peel and cut into small slices, then throw in a blender.
  2. Next, add milk to the same place, and add cottage cheese softened with oatmeal.
  3. Blend everything with a blender, then sprinkle cinnamon on top.
weight loss smoothie

Another very simple cocktail recipe is prepared with the addition of berries. In general, the list of ingredients is as follows:

  • kefir 1, 5% - 200 ml;
  • milk - 200 ml;
  • berries - 200 g.

The preparation of the cocktail is carried out as follows:

  1. Rinse the berries well, pat dry, then lightly mash and load into a blender.
  2. Pour kefir with milk there.
  3. Mix all the ingredients until smooth.

The following recipe is very original. The drink is called "Strawberry in Chocolate", but in the composition sweets are not used, but cocoa powder to give it a chocolate flavor. The necessary ingredients are the following:

  • strawberries - 4-5 berries;
  • skimmed milk - 1 cup;
  • cocoa - 1 tablespoon;
  • protein powder - optional 2 large scoops.

The principle of preparation is as follows:

  1. Rinse the strawberries, pat dry, and then blend until mushy.
  2. Next, add cocoa and protein powder, pour everything with milk.
  3. At the last stage, beat everything with a blender until smooth.
  4. To make the drink cooler, add a couple of ice cubes.